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Festival motto

The theme of the Festival is: Followers of Jesus Christ, Servants of the Poor. The songs must, therefore, develop the theme: the vocation which we are called to as a result of the charism which we have received from Saint Vincent de Paul, the call to follow Christ and to serve Christ in the person of the poor. This vocation is common to the laity and the religious who are members of the Vincentian Family.

Members of the Vincentian Family, in any of its branches, collaborators and participants of any Vincentian work (parishes, schools, etc.) and, in general, any Christian who develops an original and unpublished song (composed for the occasion), from this motto, can participate. There is no age limit for participants.

Very important: it is the responsibility of the author and / or the person sending the song to guarantee that the song sent is original and unpublished. The organization of this festival has no responsibility, present or future, in this aspect.

The organizers of the Festival may declare it void if there are not enough contributions.

Rules of the Festival.

In continuity with the Film Festival that was organized by the Vincentian Family (October 2018), we now announce the International Vincentian Music Festival. This is another means for artistic expression and for evangelization and is intended to stimulate the artistic creation of writers and composers of Catholic Vincentian music. This is also another means of spreading and making known the charism that we have inherited from Vincent de Paul and his followers.

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All material must be received by July 31, 2020

Song submission form

You can easily upload your songs on the website with this form. Once we have received them, they will be published on this website. If you have any difficulty in using the form, you can send the files by email to festival@vincentians.com

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